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canon.gifGreat news are coming from Canon. They finally made the decision to apply their superior CMOS technology – well known from dSLR class cameras into compact style cameras. To achive this, Canon invested over $451 millions in building new factory that will be making new small sized CMOS sensors for compact cameras. Capacity of new factory is about 3 mlion units per year. First sensor is expected in about a year.

tech-main01.jpgHow’s that influencing average cameras users? Probably there will be slight setback in numbers of Mpix but overall performance as the result of better noise performance and wither dynamic range will be much better.

sony.gifImmediate response is coming strait from another manufacturer. Just two days after Canon announcement Sony releases plans for investing over $490 millions in next two years in purpose “to extend clean room facilities by 5,000m² and reinforce image sensor fabrication capacity”.

“Over the next three years, Sony will continue to strengthen its CMOS sensor manufacturing operations to provide growth markets such as mobile phones and digital still cameras with CMOS sensors that combine high image quality with advanced processing speeds.”

Based of size of new investments we can be more then sure that we will see CMOS sensors in compact class even sooner that we can realize. So don’t be surprised if your next new mobile phone has CMOS based camera.