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Bringing hi-fi stereo music to your mobile phone

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Jabra is world leader in providing new and innovative hands-free product for growing mobile consumer market. They used this years CeBit to present new products like Jabra BT620s Bluetooth stereo headset, Jabra A320s USB Bluetooth stereo adapter and Jabra JX10 Bluetooth headset.

Jabra BT620s Bluetooth stereo headset

Bringing hi-fi stereo music to your mobile phone is the slogan to promote new Bluetooth head-set from Jabra. BT620s is totally new product stereo Bluetooth head-set for your mobile phone. So now you can enjoy stereo music from your phone or take your incoming phone call. Also using new BT620s is not limited only to use with mobile phone, BT620s can maintain connection to two Bluetooth devices, allowing music playing and phone connectivity at the same time. So no more missed calls, and no more changing tween headsets if you want to lesten music from other device. This head set is one of the first wireless headsets on the market which provides Stereo sound experience. Also great autonomy is provided by built-in battery offering up to 16 hours of talk time or 14 hours of music.
Jabra BT620s A320s

Jabra A320s USB Bluetooth stereo adapter

Jabra’s A320s USB stereo adapter is upgraded regular USB Bluetooth adapter allowing PC connection for stereo head-sets, and other Bluetooth 2.0 EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) devices. In combination with BT620s brings exceptional stereo audio quality up to 100 meters distance. Forget cables listen your music with no range limitations. Take your VoIP calls away from your computer. Also transfer your files, pictures or music to all your Bluetooth devices.
Jabra JX10

Jabra JX10 Bluetooth head set for mobile phones

What you wear reflect who you are. Slick clear minimalistic design signed by famus Danish designer Jackob Jensen, is one of the other things what differs this head-set form others. With size smaller then 4cm and weit less then 10grams it’s one of the smallest head-set available. Providing autonomy up to 200 hours in stand-by mode, or up to 16 hours of talk time. One touch paring, automatic volume control and DSP ( digital signal processing ) technology are used to reduce background noise allows absolute comfort in using this headset.