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BenQ V2400W 24 inch LCD monitor

Uncategorized author: Cara 03.20.2008 Comments Off

Bringing an impressive size together with a very thin monitor is certainly not easy to do. The BenQ V2400W has managed to do just that though, with a very large 24” widescreen area this is large enough to keep you productive and happy with ample workroom. If you are looking for something that is well designed to provide some great features with a stunningly thin display this is the perfect option to look at.

BenQ V2400W

A contrast ratio of 1000:1 certainly is not impressive, but it is well in line with all other comparable models and with a resolution of 1920 x1200 with a 5ms response time you have a great quality monitor. Your choice of input signals from D-sub, DVD-D and even HDMI ensures that you can get the perfect picture regardless of whether you are working hard, or playing hard. With a pixel pitch of .270 and a viewing angle of 160/160, this is definitely a great high quality monitor.

If you are looking for a monitor that is large enough to give you plenty of working room without consuming all of your desk space you are going to enjoy this monitor. The biggest problem with the monitor appears to be keeping them in stock. While they are a wildly successful monitor that is able to deliver on its promise to be thin, it has some problems staying in stock and most stores find themselves facing empty stock and long waiting lists rather quickly.

The opportunity to have a huge viewing area without losing all of your desk space for a sole monitor makes this a really great deal for most people. If you have a shortage of space and a desire for a nice monitor, the BenQ V2400W makes the perfect choice.