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Bargain – Sony DCR-DVD408 DVD Camcorder $549.95

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Sony DCR-DVD408 DVD Camcorder

Maybe now is the right time to buy the camcorder, personally I’m more in digital cameras then camcorders but to capture dynamics of some events you will need camcorder, still photos is simply to static. MiniDVD camcorders comes as a response to marked demands for easier transfer of video material from camera to computer. Remember that if you are using miniDV camcorder
transferring raw video material from cam to PC is real time so to transfer 3 hours of video material to PC you will need 3 hours and that raw material will take about 100GB on your hard drive. Later if you want to record it to DVD you have to compress it in MPEG to 4.7GB so it can be recorded to classical DVD, and that process is also quite time consuming (depending of computer raw power).

If you are using miniDVD cam you troubles are over, transferring material from cam to PC is simpler then ever just put the miniDVD into your DVD reader and copy files in no time. The video material is already in DVD ready format so there is no need to re compressing, it can be burn to full size DVD strait from miniDVD. Of course that is IF you want to transfer it to you PC and full size DVD if you don’t want just put the miniDVD strait from cam into home DVD player and enjoy in you recorded material.

Also this Sony miniDVD camera have built in Memory Stick Duo media slot, so you can take photos in 2304 x 1728 resolution directly to the memory card.

There is time limited offer for Sony DCR-DVD408 DVD Camcorder in the B&H photo video store for only: $ 549.95