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Asus P526 Smart Phone Gone Extreme

Uncategorized author: Cara 10.30.2007 Comments Off

sc001.jpg While most smart phones are, getting smarter most do not readily offer Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0, which makes it so simple to really garner the full potential of your smart phone. In the world of smart phones, the Asus P526 smart phone is one of the best options for those who are more interested in a smart phone rather than an iPod on steroids.

The camera on the Asus P526 is the standard sized 2MP with a 2.6” touch screen area to work with. The good news for those who hate fully touch screen phones is the phone also has a standard keypad that can be used. However, for sending massive amounts of text messages or e-mails then the phone is lacking a QWERTY keyboard to make it much easier to send the mail faster.

Overall, the screen is impressive. Clear and sharp with over 65,000 colors it provides nice and clear graphics to make navigation easy. While the camera is only 2 MP the video from the camcorder functions and the pictures from the still camera still look very impressive on the screen. This is definitely a great phone and with the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 included it is also ready for those who are looking for a great phone with a ton of features.

sc002.jpgThe quad band phone is also able to hop around with you no matter where you go, and the GPS integrated helps ensure you can find where you are going quickly and easily without many hassles. The sleek design of the phone is stylish, but not overly impressive. While not as impressive looking as some other smart phones it does not look cheap or shoddily made. For someone who wants more pizzazz in the look of the phone the Asus P526 may be a bit of a letdown.

The benefits of being able to sync the phone to your normal Outlook has many people especially excited because of the ability to take important messages with you, and stay up to date on important events. The EDGE also helps ensure that you are able to push the messages as quickly as possible. Overall, this is a great little phone that is sure to win the hearts of the smart phone crowd rather quickly. While a few features are lacking, this phone is a great overall package with few major flaws.