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Asus Nova P22 Mini PC

Notebooks author: Cara 12.13.2007 Comments Off

For those who hate the idea of having a desk cluttered with massive amounts of computer components the Asus Nova P22 Mini PC is like a dream in a tiny white package. Bringing together some of the biggest desires in a PC with the sleek and extremely small size this is the dream for those who simply do not like the look of massive computer equipment or do not have the room


for it.

With a size of approximately 2” tall, obviously much taller than many laptops, it is still coming in at a fraction of the size of the majority of desktop models. With a slot loading optical drive included and a nice powerful 1.86 GHz Core 2 Duo, this is a great little machine to put on your desk. There are no worries about what you are going to find for room. While many people are struggling to make room for everything this fits smoothly and snuggly into a tiny space.

The biggest hassle you may have is trying to keep everyone away from the little treasure. In contrast to most other computers, this is by far one of the smallest machines available and with the ability to combine it with the monitor of your choice you are looking at some great options in terms of customization.

The bad news is that Asus has kept under wraps exactly what is inside that pretty little case. Aside from the slot loading optical drive and the 1.86GHz Core 2 Duo chip there is very little that is widely known. It is expected that the Asus Nova P22 Mini PC will be released in Japan first and then spread around the world. In terms of comparison this is certain a direct competition with the Mini Mac that Apple computers has released and it will be very interesting to see exactly what is included in this little treat.