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Is that another Microsoft blackmail to their partners, but this just too obvious. Or is just Asus a great fan of the Bill G, and Microsoft. New Asus’s EeePC is cheaper with Windows operating system compared with the EEEPC with Linux.


This shocking news is coming from an ApcMag, they are saying that Asus will start selling their EEE PC 900 with Windows operating system for substantially more money comparing to the Linux counterpart.

For example, on Australian market EEE PC 900 with Windows XP would sell for $599, while the Linux based computer will would be $649. Xp version is coming with Windows XP Home and Microsoft Works — while in the case that you chose Linux version, you will get the Xandros Linux distribution and OpenOffice — the XP model has just 12GB of storage, while the Linux version has 20GB.

Except the obvious diference in price, Windows version of the Eee boots quite speedily, but is still notably slower than its Linux counterpart.

I don’t think that the 8GB of storage is forth that kind of price difference… but who am I to say…