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ASUS Eee PC Desktop E-DT

Computers author: admin 03.31.2008 Comments Off

Asus’s longly expected EEE PC desktop has been finally arrived. Actually not quite arrived but the pictures of it has appeared online.

ASUS Eee PC Desktop E-DT

Currently there arn’t to much information about next Asus PC, but we know that it will use Celeron processors for start, while new Intel’s generation of Atom is not ready.

Basically entire EEE class of Asus’s PCs, laptops and desktops are designed to cover the lowest segment of the market. Of course the first thing where you can cut cost is used operating system, instead using Microsoft’s latest Vista OS, witch demands massive computer resources and cost great amount of money. Asus has chosen Linux instead – free open sourced and resources friendly.

Generally EEE desktop class PC, called E-DT is offering proper desktop PC at low cost from $200 to $300 with an free operating system that maximally uses that kind of system.

ASUS Eee PC Desktop E-DT

Of course forget about gaming and video editing, but for an standard office work this kind of silent and nicely designed PC will do more then fine.

More information and official presentation of E-DT is expected in may, for now all we know that it will be affordable and nicely designed available in range of colors.