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ASUS Eee PC 8G, 4G, 4G Surf and 2G Surf

Notebooks author: Cara 10.24.2007 Comments Off

Ok you start thinking about computers, specifically laptops and you usually have in mind something along the lines of a Dell or HP. Yet there are other models on the market and ASUS has just introduced four great alternatives that offer an incredible opportunity to pick up a nice laptop at an affordable price that is highly portable.


If you are not requiring the latest supercomputer ever made this makes a great alternative with models ranging from 2GB storage to as much as 8GB storage. Obviously much smaller than most laptops are shipping with but the catch is instead of using traditional hard drives, the Eee PC’s are all using flash storage technology that is cheap and efficient.

All four models are offering tiny little 7” screens to use, with Linux OS shipping standard. However, for those who wish all four models are Windows XP compatible so you can change to XP if you prefer. It is advised not to change the Eee PC 2G Surf to Windows XP however, because with only 256MB of RAM you are looking at a very buggy performance using XP. The 4G and 4G Surf models both offer 512 MB of RAM, while the 8G is bringing an impressive 1GB of RAM to the table.


Other features include the microphones, stereo speakers, and 3.5-hour 4-cell battery. With a weight of only two pounds approximately, and an Intel chipset and CPU this tiny laptop makes the perfect affordable solution for people who have previously been unable to afford a laptop or even a computer in general. With models expected to price between $199 and $399, you have numerous affordable options here.

Other great features are the Ethernet communication as well as WLAN ability. As you can imagine the computer is small, but for a fully functional and compact computer this packs a huge amount of features into the tiny size and all at an affordable rate. This makes the perfect solution for a child’s first computer or various other uses and with the reasonable pricing; many are expecting it will be difficult to find one in stock.

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