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Seagate Technology, the largest hard drive maker announced that ASUSTeK Computer Inc has choose the Seagate Momentus 5400.3 hard drive for its new line of notebook computers. The Momentus 5400.3 is the first 1.5 inch hard drive witch use perpendicular recording technology. It provide up to 160GB space, so it is great choice for notebook computers. The Momentus is mix of performance, reliability, acoustics and capacity without increasing spin speed or heat dissipation.

Asus choose Seagate's Momentus 5400.3 Hard Drive for new line of Notebook PCs

“ASUS is committed to bringing customers the most advanced technologies and pleased to be integrating Seagate’s innovative Momentus hard drive into its newest notebook PCs,” said Tony Chen, general manager of ASUS Notebook Business. “The Momentus 5400.3 drive is an ideal solution for notebook PC users who need the highest levels of notebook performance and capacity.”

“Seagate continues to work closely with major PC OEMs to ensure that Momentus drives deliver the performance, capacity, reliability and acoustics required to power a new generation of notebook computers that meet the growing storage needs of end users,” said BanSeng Teh, Seagate vice president and managing director of Asia Sales and Marketing. “Our best-in-class notebook drives are meeting the needs of a broad and rapidly expanding base of customers.”

The Momentus has range of spin from 4,200 and 5,400 up to 7,200-rpm, and capacity from 40GB to 160GB. It support Serial ATA and Ultra ATA interfaces. The Seagate gives five-year warranty the buyers witch buy through authorized distribution.