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Few days ago Apple had a big press conference in San Francisco. They had prepared new versions of the most popular music players in the world iPod. And not just that but Apple has presented new iPod touch. And that is not all, for all of you who are absolutely crazy about Apple’s iPhone there is a good surprise.

img_7744.jpgApple had lowered the iPhone price

So now you can buy the most popular model with 8GB storage for $399, full price was $599.

“The surveys are in and iPhone customer satisfaction scores are higher than we’ve ever seen for any Apple product,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “We’ve clearly got a breakthrough product and we want to make it affordable for even more customers as we enter this holiday season.”

The 8GB iPhone at new price is available immediately in the US, in Apple’s stores and AT&T retail stores.

iPod capacity grown up to 160GB

Classical iPod, know as a iPod video now got totally new bigger hard-drives so now they are equipped with 80 or 160GB. Increased capacity is not all that new sixth generation iPod get, new iPod is coming with new user interface that had been improved. The prices for new iPod’s are $249 for the 80GB model and $349 for the 160GB version.

07nano_silverhand.jpgNew iPod nano

Nano had also grown bigger, now the capacity of the smaller one is 4GB and the larger is 8GB. The capacity is not the only thing that got bigger, also used screen got larger now it have 2 inch diagonal. The used battery in new iPod nano had also grown so now you can replay video up to 5 hours and audio up to 24 hours non stop. For new generation iPod nano you will have to spend $149 for the 4GB version and $199 for 8GB one.

touch_main.jpgiPod Touch

touch is a totally new product in Apple’s lineup, as far as we can notice it’s the iPhone with out the phone. It still has WIFI connectivity option, and it will be available for just $299 for 8GB, and $399 for the 16GB version. The prettiest thing is the huge multi-touch screen known from the iPhone.