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Apple rumors predict iPhone 2.0

News rumors author: Cara 12.23.2007 Comments Off

iPhone rumorsWith the Christmas season upon us people everyone where are busy talking about the latest and greatest electronics and of course Apple is going to be right in the middle of the conversation.  Their portion of the electronics buzz focuses specifically around the rumors that they are gearing up to release the iPhone 2.0 which speculation thinks will be so much bigger and better than the original iPhone.  For those who have been waiting to get an iPhone it may be a good idea to wait a while since the newest version is rumored to be launching around the time of the Macworld 2008 gathering.

The bad news is that everything focused around the iPhone 2.0 is merely speculation.  Apple themselves have not actually confirmed the new version of their top selling iPhone and are instead merely turning out more models of the current version.  This however does not mean a new version is not on its way; Apple does have a small habit of keeping a few secrets so this could very well be one of them.

As the rumors continue more are likely to build and the sheer number of people talking about the potential new configurations continues to grow.  Keeping track of all of the new rumors is not always easy, but it is important to remember that while a new iPhone 2.0 sounds like a really great idea it can be a very long time before it does actually launch.  While the Macworld estimated date is a very rough estimate there are others who are speculating that it will not possibly launch until around the end of 2008. 

The exact dates of the launch will continue to be speculated for a long time, but it will be rather interesting to see what details start leaking out slowly.  The good news is that the iPhone 2.0 should fix some of the major bugs that was noticeable in the initial launched phones.  This will allow plenty of chances to still have a great iPhone without the hassle of the bugs involved.