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Apple MacBook Meets Santa Rosa

Notebooks author: Cara 11.06.2007 Comments Off

In a highly competitive computer market Apple computers has decided to do some serious upgrades to help keep competitive with the growing speeds of processors. The newest change for the company is switching to the new Santa Rosa Intel processors that are offering faster processor speeds as well as increasing the bus speeds that are possible.

Apple MacBook Meets Santa Rosa

While the MacBooks have always been known as a powerful computer in a small package they are now kicking it up even further. With the addition of the Santa Rosa processors Apple has decided to add a nice speedy 2.6GHz model to the lineup, which previously included only a 2.2GHz and 2.4GHz model. In addition, the change is also speeding up the front side bus speed for a generous 667NHz to a faster 800MHz speed.

Overall, these changes are adding up to some very powerful machines that have a lot to offer people in a reasonably small package. While the 13” monitors are a bit of a turn off for some people, the extremely small overall size is a huge draw as well. Bringing the power of a dual core processor into the computer and all at a reasonably affordable price is proving to be a very wise decision for Apple as the company continues to work to improve their overall product line.

Apple MacBook Meets Santa Rosa

From the small 80 gig hard drives to the larger 160 gig hard drives the MacBook brings a lot of improvements to the table and when added to the Santa Rosa you are looking at a truly powerful computer. While opponents of Apple computers are not always impressed, it is hard not to be impressed by the power that is in such a small package.

Between the faster processor, the increased bus speeds and the graphics chip upgrade the Santa Rosa has been a very wise decision and will prove to be highly popular with consumers as the holiday season approaches and people are looking for the latest in gadgets to make the ultimate present for someone special.