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Apple iPod Generations

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In this article you will learn what you need to know about your iPod. You will be able to distinguish one generation from another. Also we will explain main evolutions differences between each generation of an iPod. And help you to pick iPod that best suits your needs.

What is an iPod?

Ipod is a portable music player. Not just any player, but the most selling portable music player in the world, and that success didn’t come by accident. It has huge capacity, built-in rechargeable battery which provides from eight to ten hours of music playback. And the thing that differs Apple iPod from all the other similar products available on the market is that usage simplicity.
Todays offer:
There was many versions and generations of iPods, but today there are only three of them. There are iPod Shuffle , iPod nano and regular iPod.
The heart of regular iPod is a portable hard-drive usually used in some mobile phones or PDA-s. Its the largest iPod available today, and with the largest Lcd display ( 2.5” diagonal). It is available in two colors black and white and two capacities 30 and 60GB. It is frequently called iPod video because you can use it to preview even video files.
iPod nano is the middle child in iPod family, it does not use hard-drive to store data, all data is stored in built-in memory. Because of that, capacity is reduced but there are numerous advantages such longer battery life,size of device, and more persistent to damages. It is available in two colors black and white, and in three capacities 1 , 2 and 4GB.iPod nano is equipped with clear 1.5” diagonal Lcd display. And the smallest in the iPod family iPod Shuffle with-out display, available 512MB or 1GB, its more like USB drive then Music player.

iPod and iPod nano through docking station provides USB 2.0 and Fire-wire interface for computer connectivity, that means that you can transfer great amount of music and data from you computer to iPod and other way around in just a blink of the eye.
iPod is not just a music player! It allows to store your contacts, calendar, notes and all kinds of textual data, and review it on built-in lcd display. If this isn’t enough for you you can always use and iPod as a portable removable high-capacity hard-drive. Also there is great amount of additional hardware available which can extends functionality of you iPod. Such as home speakers that extends your iPod to home music station. Or additional microphone which allows you to record audio direct to your iPod. Or a media-card readers that allows you to transfer digital photos to your iPod from memory card without using a computer. In this time when cameras everyday have more Mpix a 40GB iPod for quickly storing photos is every photographer best friend.

iPod Shuffle
Ultimate gym music player
iPod ShuffleAs I mentioned before iPod Shuffle is the smallest and it has the smallest capacity in compare his bigger brothers. It do not have a lcd display which is i generally bad thing, but it offers such usability so its hard to notice lack of a display. Whit 512MB or 1GB capacity Shuffle allows you to store up to 120 or 240 songs which is about 8 or 16 hours of music. Built in battery provides about 12 hours of music reproduction.

I bought mine explicitly to use at the gym and for nothing else, and it’s filled that role perfectly. And I’m definitely not the only one who uses one there. While the larger iPods are definitely more popular, I still see quite a few shuffles every time I go.

The shuffle is definitely Apple’s workoutPod. The whole lack of a screen is what makes it so useful for me in that respect. If I had a 1GB nano, I’d be afraid of damaging the screen. The shuffle was the simplistic little guy that you could literally throw in a bag of work out equipment and not have to worry about.

And thumb drive capability wasn’t bad either, one less thing to worry about carrying around.

My 85 y/o grandmother has a Shuffle and loves it. The reason being, it has one button she cares about — go and stop. A nano would just annoy her, as she’d be straining to see the screen and have trouble manipulating the wheel.

I also think that the Shuffle has a place in the lineup. I use mine ~80% for snowboarding, it is practically indestructible and the battery does better at lower temps. Set it to shuffle, jack it into the helmet and ride all day.
I have taken my 3rd gen ipod but it is heavy, and the whole moving parts thing has me wary.
Nano is cool, but screen and breakable also means it is less ideal.
Viva la Shuffle!

If you are sport active person, and you simple can not afford to have one more sensitive gadget in your pocket to thing about it, Apple iPod Shuffle is the right thing for you!

iPod nano
Impossibly small

According to wikipedia:

Nano is a prefix (symbol n) in the SI system of units denoting a factor of 10^(-9). It is often used in prefixing time and length units encountered in electronics and computer systems, smaller then micro.

And it’s quite like that, nano version of iPod music player. In realy realy small package you will get from 1GB to amazing 4GB of space for your music and other data. On device wich size is more like cheep portable small capacity usb mp3 players, Apple is succeed to fit 1.5” diagonal Color with back light display, built-in battery which allows 14 hours of music reproduction, 1 or even 4GB of memory. Case, like other iPod players (except Shuffle) is from two parts, back part from shiny high polished metal in black or white color depend on your player color. Click-wheel this time has a bit rougher texture then I used to from iPods. Front surface is also shiny polished and it’s prone to scratches, so it will be wise to buy some additional protective carry case for your new iPod nano. 1GB version will provide space for about 240 songs, 2GB about 500 songs, and 4GB version about 1000 songs that is about two and a half DAYS of music, in your pocket!
Using provided usb 2.0 cable or additional docking station, you can connect your player to your PC or MAC, and then via iTunes transfer your favorite music. New thing that iTunes have when working with nano is Autofill option, randomly pick songs from your music collection – if its larger then 1 – 2 – 4 GB iPods nano memory. Also via iPhoto software you can transfer your photo collection to nano for latter viewing on lcd display. Unfortunately iPod nano does not support external memory card readers so you can’t transfer photographs directly from your digital camera memory card.
Big step was made to integrate iPod nano with Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, syncing contacts and calendars never was essayer. Also there is more additional functionalities like Stopwatch, World-clock and screen-lock. All games are still here Brick, Music Quiz, Parachute, and Solitaire.

This iPod has best price/functionalities-capacity ratio, so for the time being this is the Official PreviewGadgets Best-Buy!

Regular iPod
(iPod video)

The oldest and biggest brother in iPod family, available with 30GB or with 60GB in two colors black and white. Its equipped with premium 2.5” diagonal back-light LCD display. Built-in battery provides 14 hours of music playback or 2 hours of video playback in 30GB version. And up to 20 hours of music playback and 4 hours of video playback in 60GB version. Computer connection is provided through supplied docking station, it also have Composite audio video out, so you can preview your video on TV sets. This model is still using portable hard-drive so its little more prone to damage than nano or shuffle and of course because built-in hard-drive its bigger then nano and shuffle. That is still the price for huge capacity provided.