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Apple iPhone OS version 4 presentation annouced

apple iphone author: admin 04.05.2010 Comments Off

Apple has reinvented the phone by releasing the iPhone few years ago. That iPhone has presented a real revolution by his, still unbeatable user experience, but also by the lack of all features such that we already use to have on our (smart)phones. Such as copy/paste, MMS…

By the version iphone OS 3.0, Apple has managed to polish up that rough gem, first presented iPhone – in to the real diamond of a phone. But some things are still missing – multitasking anyone?

But that will be soon changed, Apple has announced an iPhone OS 4.0 event on April 8th, event that will be just a sneak preview of the next generation iPhone OS. I have to admit that is quite unusual, even for Apple know by their unusual policies, to schedule such a big event so soon after big presentation of the iPad, probably most important Apple product this year.

We will see in just a few days, just can’t wait for the April the 8th.