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AOC Monitors: Supreme Visual Performance

Uncategorized author: jheLozenn 10.30.2008 Comments Off

Nowadays, because of the existence of the LCD monitors to replace the old-school CRT monitors, choosing out what brand of LCD monitor would probably be one of the hardest things about buying your brand-new desktop computer. Worry no more! AOC, the world’s largest manufacturer of computer monitors have an extensive list of LCD monitors that will fit your needs, whether you’re just a casual home user who just wants the basics, a gamer who demands only the very best display, or an artist that requires a special set of features to help bring works of electronic art to life. AOC is ready to give you their best for customer satisfaction. AOC Avio

The Avio LCD monitor is the most flexible in the line of these awesome AOC LCD Monitosrs. With a 3000:1 DCR contrast ratio, the Avio offers premium picture quality for graphic intensive applications, has a response time of 5ms to prevent fast moving pictures or images from blurring out the screen, and a 160-degree viewing angle for clear visibility no matter what point in the room you’re in. This LCD monitor also has a built-in webcam and microphone.
AOC Zifas

The 22-inch Zifas has the most interesting design innovation among the LCD   monitors of AOC. The Zifas is aimed at professionals who value form as well as function. With a sleek aluminun chassis, solid aluminum zinc stand, and soft-touch controls the Zifas is stylish and ultra chic. It can also swivel up to 90 degrees and allows you to see your content in portrait view, perfect for graphic and layout artists. The Zifas Xinrui model has a 12,000:1 contrast ratio and 2ms response time.

AOC Rivio
The Rivio’s black aluminium bodywork is embossed with a diamond cut texture, giving it the look and feel most associated with luxury items. This gorgeous 22-inch panel has 20,000:1 DCR contrast ratio. Underneath its sophisticated surface is an even more sophisticated technology. The Rivio has an integrated media player so users can play music, videos, and slideshows even when the PC is disconnected or shut off, conserving power all around. AOC’s Rivio is perfect for music lovers and movie freaks.

So, it’s up to you to choose which of these high-end LCD monitors will best suit your visual need.