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Android OS now on iPhone

android apple iphone author: admin 04.22.2010 1

I use iPhone, I love my iPhone, but! There is always that but…

I don’t think that there is such a closed system as the Apple iPhone, closed but so sexy – so sexy that you just want to hold it in your hands and play with it all day. Android is a bit different story. But Android phones are not looking so sexy as the iPhone, if I could just have an iPhone with the Android OS.

It is possible, hackers has presented new dualboot option for the iPhones alowing dual boot iPhone OS and Android. To cut the story short look at the video:

I’m gone to install dual boot to my trusty old 3G ;)

Update: I give up – Grrr – it’s just too complicated to install this patch, you have to install linux than this than that, I’m not the linux zealot so for now I’m just waiting for a bit easier solution.