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Android on Blackberry?

android Blackberry author: admin 03.02.2011 Comments Off

Sounds crazy, don’t you think? If you want to believe, and we do, to ShopSavvy who find Android signature from Blackberry devices in their logs.

By their story someone from Canada, was running ShopSavvy Android store from Blackberry devices. To be even more interesting in the city of Waterloo, from where the user was accessing the app, RIM has a research facility.

During this month RIM had announced that their next tablet device will beAndroid applications, but they didn’t stated that it will be using Android supporting  as a primary operating system. And they didn’t mention current BlackBerry devices.

• BlackBerry 8300 ran ShopSavvy on January 31, 2011
• BlackBerry 8600 ran ShopSavvy on January 17 and 24, 2011
• BlackBerry 8520 ran ShopSavvy on February 7, 2011

Maybe we are facing totally new and unexpected event, RIM switching to Android OS, but maybe we are just facing that some enthusiast who hacked and compiled Android and run on his Blackberry, like they did it on iPhone.

Reed the full story on ShopSavvy blog.