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Amazon Kindle E-Reader

News author: Cara 12.12.2007 Comments Off


For those who love to get eBooks and hate the hassle of only being able to read them on a computer Amazon has come up with the answer. In a simple and convenient package, you can design and organize everything that you want to read and even order effortlessly from’s extensive collection of books, magazines and other material. In the past to take multiple books with you, it required that you would have to carry a large stack of books and possibly another bag just to carry them. Now with Kindle you can download everything effortlessly onto the Kindle and take it with you. The overall size is much smaller than any previous book could ever dream to be, while still being large enough that you are not squinting at the screen.With the ability to bookmark, annotate, check the dictionary, look up information on Wikipedia and so much more right from the Kindle it is noamazon_kindle2.jpg wonder that they are catching on. For those who decide to make purchases from the Kindle there are no additional fees and no need to track down a Wi-Fi spot either. Using the same internet network as cellular phones, Kindle can allow you to search the internet and even buy and download the material of your choice without needing a PC anywhere around.

The concept is brilliant; the size is perfect, the weight is even better at a slim 10.3 ounces. For those who enjoy reading constantly you are sure to enjoy the Kindle. The only major drawback that keeps it from leaping around the world is the limit to US customers only, and also the rather large $399 price tag. Some other drawbacks are all books are DRM; this means there is no ability to transfer and read them from another computer or source. Other bad signs include the ability to not look at PDF files, which is a format that many eBooks have taken recently. Overall, if you enjoy books merely for entertainment you are likely to enjoy this.