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Adidas and Samsung are following Apple’s and Nike’s path

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indexbg_on.jpgSamusung electronics in cooperation with Adidas sportswear had enrolled in to the race with Apple and Nike in providing people music player in workout tracker monitor, or it’s other way around.

On currently Cebit fair, Samusung has presented its miCoach music player mobile phone. Other from standard features that you are expect from today’s mobile phone, Samusung’s miCoach will tell you to run faster and give you updates on your current heartrate, time on track and much much more.

System is consisted of miCoach mobile phone, heart-rate monitor, pedometric sensor that you have to attach on your running shoes and a subscription to a web service to keep records and track your fitness progress.

This kind of system is not first presented, Apple in cooperation with Nike has presented quite similar thing two years ago.

adidas-foot-pod.jpgMain difference tween Apple’s and Samsung’s system is that Apple is using it’s music player iPod nano, while Samsung is using a mobile phone to show all relevant data and to play music. So if you are using miCoach you are available on you cell, even when you are working out, so that means that you can be also interrupted while you are working out.

Apple is offering much larger capacity from 4 – 8 GB iPod Nano, while using Samsungs miCoach you are limited to 1GB memory for storing music.

If we are comparing prices of two systems, Samsung/Adidas system will cost about €400 for a deluxe package, including miCoach mobile, heart monitor, shoe sensor and few other accessories. While the Apple/Nike package you will pay $328 for 8GB iPod Nano, shoe sensor and a $100 gift card for shoe purchase.

The miCoach mobile phone is a quite slim, slider phone with a 2-inch LCD screen with a rubber textured back. It’s available seven colors. The phone includes 2 megapixel digital camera and can be connected to a computer via a USB or Bluetooth.

miCoach package is expected in stores in end of March, it will be available in Samsung electronic stores, as the Adidas sports goods stores.