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5.5 ‘Terapixel’ digital camera is here

Uncategorized author: admin 02.22.2008 1

Yes its true, 5.5 TERA-pixel digital camera is produced. Canon, Nikon and other big camera manufacturers are in panic. The crisis centers are created, experts are consulted they will try anything human possible, and more just to catchup with amazing competition that was able to create 5.5 TERA-pixel camera.


You are probably a bit confused usually digital cameras has their resolution stated in Mega-Pixels not Tera-Pixels. Tera pixel is like 1 000 000 Mega-pixels, so this new camera has no less then 5 500 000 megapixels, what is just thousands of times more then the regular camera.

What do you think how hard is to produce 5.5 TERA-pixel digital camera? Nanotechnology? No it was quite easy all they have to do was to stamp the 5.5 TERA-pixel mark on that really pretty blue camera with nice cartoon ducky ;)

So all you have to do is to find some memory card enough to store those 5.5Tera-pixel images.